Hugh Robjohns - "Sound on Sound" Magazine

"At the low end it can deliver weight and bloom very nicely, while the high‑end boost is fabulously airy, adding gloss and sheen without any hint of harshness or grit. (...) Relatively few modern equalisers employ inductors at all, and the few that do often restrict them to just the low sections, not the high bands, too (...) All in all, I have to say that I am very impressed with both the engineering and musicality of the LCPQ 4040."

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Tomasz Wróblewski - "Estrada i Studio" Magazine

"For those seeking a top-class EQ, the LCPQ 4040 is a must to try out. It could be the missing link in the signal path, which will make the processed signal significantly improve its sound. In such tracks as the bass drum, snare drum, bass, guitar or vocals this EQ can do things practically impossible for plug-ins. In my opinion, the LCPQ 4040 is one of the most interesting equalizers of this type currently available on the market."

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Cenzo Townshend (U2, Ed Sheeran, Florence & the Machine, Nick Cave, Tom Jones) - Decoy Studios

"Amazing equalisers! I’m in love with them. Beautifully made and they sound wonderful on acoustic pianos, strings, guitars and massive on drums!"


Ewan Pearson (Depeche Mode, Goldfrapp, The Chemical Brothers, Pet Shop Boys, Royksopp)

"The LCPQ 4040s sound quite wonderful - and the build quality (not to mention the power supply) puts some of my other units to shame. Some of my cuts and boosts are only half a dB but they still make such a difference with this - it really sounds terrific. Hats off to you!"


Pete Min (Ringo Starr, De La Soul, The Cinematic Orchestra, The Monkees) - Lucy's meat market

"I've been using the LCPQ 4040s for mastering and recording and they are very smooth and sweet with high headroom. I was looking for a clean pair of eqs and these are perfect for me given what I have. I've also used them on vocals and 2 bus and they excelled at both!"


Paul Godfrey - Morcheeba

"Amazing boxes. The transient punch is very quick and won out easy on tests. Even with a lot of drive, I found it hard to match. The quality is staggeringly good. They're like the EQ I've always been searching for. Very impressed!"


X144 - Producer, Mix & Mastering Engineer (Ms. Lauryn Hill, Qusai, Alchemist, Joell Ortiz, Blueprint, Aesop)

"Usually the cliche of saying no matter how much you boost it never sounds harsh isn’t always true, in this case it’s very true and is one is the truest to that sentiment. Not often do I come across a piece that can facilitate both mixing and mastering equally well. These are probably the best filters I’ve heard. Bravo Miad!"


William Pearson (drBill) - GRAMMY Award Winner Composer, Producer and Engineer

"This is probably the most fully featured and best sounding EQ (overall) that I've used. Certainly the best that I've owned. On the low end, this thing is HUGE. Punchy, full, and I couldn't get it to sound muddy or flabby in a normal application. For me, these EQ's are the stuff dreams are made of. I cannot forget how elegantly this thing can change mixes. My mixes / mastering just got 25% better without really trying. Sometimes gear really matters. This is one of those times. The Miad's ROCK! I'm a happy camper."


Hunter Crowley - Producer, Engineer, ex-drummer (The Warlocks, The Brian Jonestown Massacre)

"Super stoked to join the 4040 club. the more I use these the more I'm loving them. Just killing on the mix buss. I also using them for tracking a LOT. The build is fantastic, and the PSU robust solid. fkking killer!"


Adrien Sauvaget - XPand Sound Mastering

"With that well regulated external power supply, and the measurements I've done so far regarding THD, noise, etc, on the spec this puppies indeed belong to the big league of Analog Eq's. I am surprised how closely matched my pair is, hats off to the designer on this. [...] All in all these MIAD Eq's could easily be a "first mastering Eqs pair", as you can shape a mix with great big tone, and add definition to it at the same time."


Thomas Fink - Studio 2 tonstudios

"Many thanks for building this EQ. Used one on female Leadvox and the other one on acoustic guitar. I didn't have dramatic settings, some dBs more gain here and there. If disengaged the signals sounded smaller. If engaged again the signals sounded bigger, stronger, fatter, more present,..., whatever I wanted... Really great!"


Cortland Foxworth - Melt Audio Studio

"These EQ's are pretty amazing. Really sad sounding when you switch them off even with just 0.5-1 db here and there. I cannot overstate how wonderful these sound. I think at this point nothing else would be 'better', just 'different'."