Hand Built Pro Audio Equipment.

MIAD Audio is a boutique manufacturer that specialises in designing and building high end professional audio equipment for the recording industry.

By combining many years of audio engineering experience and technical knowledge, we are able to provide equipment of the highest standards. Furthermore, MIAD Audio works closely with a number of professional sound engineers in order to ensure that our products meet the expectations of the most demanding users.

MIAD Audio equipment is designed and built with great attention to detail. Everything, from designing the circuitries to final assembly is exclusively done at our workshop and extensive measurements and listening tests are performed until we are satisfied with the end result.

All the components are chosen carefully and are of the highest quality. Each unit is hand-built and tested thoroughly to ensure best performance and long term reliability.

Our aim is to produce great sounding, high quality products with no compromise in build or sound quality.

Please note that we do not do assembly-line work. Each product is hand assembled and therefore lead times may apply.

Feel free to contact us for more information.